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-one = detroit. with just one and some great help from his defense. josh. and some territory. justin was just off today he strikes out brandon moss. and josh looking and then it josh donaldson also looking. seven-one. and he struck out with just 11. we will go to the top of the eight with a runner on first and detroit. he is trying to tie it up but it just gets the warning. and if the tigers close he clothes for -- spitting to the left, and is bidding to the right. close you clothe >> he certainly got better as the game when there will hopefully we can get one in oakland. but that is going to be a bit rocky. >> the game two. with perhaps nine and a half hours a way to watch the oakland a's. that is it for sports. >> thank you. >> some nice weather for this first weekend. with temperatures in the 50s. we have seen the sun. it does look like a case for some time as we see the weather pattern really changing fall like. with even clause and sunshine. possibly some showers and clouds-in sunshine. watching the satellite. it is out in the pacific and not going anywhere. it is staying put. slowly, it is
are just the surrogate capital. josh romney, and romney, debbie wasserman shultz. we're not getting the main . getting the main lineres. host: will that change in the next nine days? guest: i'm sure you'll hear more about that from robert gleason and the argument that pennsylvania could still be in play. the race has gotten very stable. as the context has changed nationally, it cold present on obama from a 7, 8, 9 point lead. the range was then 7-10. now the range is 5-7. as it narrowed nationally, pennsylvania remains on the cusp of whether or not it will be competitive. host: here is the map in the last two elections. pennsylvania is referred to as pennsylvania and pittsburgh with a "t" in the middle. erie, the greater pittsburgh area and the eastern part of the state most notably around philadelphia. loretta from pennsylvania, republican line with terry madonna. caller: hello? host: you're on the air. caller:ok. my comment is i think obama should be impeached for allowing the ambassador, after requesting help three times and being denied. they were told to stand down. you cannot
to introduce josh squits ki from the planning department. >> yes, thank you, i'm joined today by scott buell, also joined by adam from the implementation program to answer any questions taf presentation if they arise regarding our implementation program. if i could have the slides, please. the transit center district plan has come a long way to get where we are today. i would say the first milestone started back in 2005 bh the city adopted the transbay redevelopment plan that covered part of this plan area but focused on properties along folsom street that were transfer prd the state of california to the city and all this was to the ends of building the new transbay transit center and the downtown neighborhood, at that time and coming out of that plan effort, the city in the inner act si effort led by the mayor's office commissioned a report that recommended the creation aof a new broader area plan that covered a broader area around the transbay transit center to consider the land use patterns in the future of downtown growth in the context of the new transit center project. so, we engage in
, a teacher of the republican party. thank you for being with us. and josh shapiro, a teacher of the montgomery county board of commissioners, a democrat, joining us from philadelphia. thank you for joining us. robert gleason i want to begin with you. so far, since the convention, very little of mitt romney and paul ryan in your state. why? guest: i don't really know. have been here a few times. they are making a real effort here. we have a very expansive mail program in which millions of dollars are being spent. we have 25 victories centers. we have over 100 paid employees. they have made a commitment. the have not made an electronic media commitment. paul ryan was here in pittsburgh just one week ago. mrs. romney has been here. why are they not spending money here? i don't know. i'm not privy. host: josh shapiro, not much of the president or vice president since the convention. guest: have been preparing for victory for more than a year. 50 field offices, thousands of volunteers going around knocking on doors, making phone calls. we are a bottom-up campaign. this will be one
. [applause] >> thanks, josh. like josh said, i'm seth lynn, the director of the second service at gw university, and our mission is to train veterans, some of the folks that have contributed to this incredible book, to continue serving in public office. and it grew out of a nonprofit i started a few years ago called veterans campaign, and my chapter of the book is about starting veterans campaign, and we're now houseled at the gw university and i want to recognize my boss, mark kennedy, the director of the graduate school. [applause] >> yes. mark spent six years in congress representing minnesota and his son is anavey ensign, just got winged. he didn't go to the naval academy. i won't hold it against him. he went to notre dame. i'm still smarting from the beatdown a couple weeks ago. >> josh wanted to make sure i submitted to this book. josh came to one of our kind training, and i'm going -- and thought about running, and if you don't think josh will be president sometime, you're not paying take. thank you, josh. i'll start by reading the first two paragraphs of the chapter i submitt
want to get to josh. the american airlines scare. >> they had to make an emergency landing because of some of the seats in the cabin got loose. abc's senior correspondent jim avila is here. >> reporter: good morning, josh. abc news has confirmed that american airlines is investigating how and why a row of seats aboard one of its boeing 757s, flying between boston and miami came loose from the coach cabin in mid flight on saturday night. forcing the pilot to go to j.f.k. airport in new york. while no one was hurt, three passengers were moved to other seats in the cabin, and once the plane landed safely, the passengers and all of them boarded another flight to miami. they suffered a three-hour delay. the faa and american have been investigating the cause of the issues. american, of course, has been suffering through labor issues as it goes through bankruptcy in attempts to cut its maintenance workforce. this comes on top of lots of problems for the airline as it suffers what it fears are pilot sick-outs and delays that have inkconvenienced passengers. what has happened so far, the fa
an incredibly sad story. matt gutman, thanks so much. >>> let's turn to josh elliott for the morning's other top headlines. josh? >> we're going to get to the breaking news out of colorado. a body found in the desperate search for missing 10-year-old jessica ridgeway. abc's clayton sandell has been on this case from the start. joins us, now, from westminster, colorado. good morning to you, clayton. >> reporter: good morning to you, josh. right now, police are on the scene where that body was found. and overnight, several law enforcement sources tell us they believe it is the the body of jessica ridgeway, missing for nearly a week. the gruesome scene found overnight, just off this roadside, in a remote arvada, colorado, park. >> this afternoon, a body was discovered. >> reporter: investigators worked under the floodlights of a fire truck. finally carrying the body out around 9:00 p.m. >> the arvada police department and the westminster police department are working jointly with additional resources to process that crime scene. >> reporter: police haven't officially identified the body. but source
and am grateful his nation to the book and his contribution. [applause] >> thanks, josh. as josh said, i am seth lynn, director of the second service for gw university and our mission is to train veterans, some of the folks who have contributed to this incredible book to continue serving in public office. and it grew out of a nonprofit i started a few years ago called veterans campaign. my chapters about starting veterans campaign and we are now housed at the gw university and the 21st my boss, mark kennedy, direct your oven management. [applause] mark spent six years in congress representing minnesota and his son is easy reading he was going to fly f-18s. he didn't go to the naval academy. probably wouldn't hold that against him, but he did go to notre dame. [laughter] i'm still smarting from the german we took a couple weeks ago, but we'll get over that. i also want to thank josh for following up with me constantly and making sure i submitted to this phenomenal book. josh came to one of our training is a couple years ago after leaving the navy he might run and i'm going to take full cr
's get to josh for the other top stories. >> good morning to all of you. we're going to begin with the passing of one of the last true moderates in the senate. politicians paying tribute to former senator arlen specter of pennsylvania who died yesterday. the republican turned democrat spent 30 years in the senate, helping shape the supreme court through contentious confirmation hearings. he never put party or ideology ahead of the people he was to serve. arlen specter died of non-hodgkin's lymphoma. he was 82 years old. >>> khalid shaikh mohammed and four other men are set to begin hearings in guantanamo bay today. pretrial hearings are set to get under way. the hearings are closed to the public. families of the victims of 9/11 can watch at four military bases. >>> now, breaking news out of pakistan. new hope for the brave young girl shot in the head for speaking out against the taliban. the 14-year-old has been sent to england for further treatment. abc's lama hasan has the latest from london. good morning to you, lama. >> reporter: good morning, josh. the girl who was fighti
, we're joined by josh eidelson, who broke the story last week. his most recent piece for salon is called, "mitt romney's bain made millions on big tobacco in u.s., russia." "walmart strikes spread to more states." >> yesterday when walmart store workers and multiple stores walked off the job, that was the first time, the second time in five days and the second time in 50 years of walmart that we've seen multiple u.s. store workers going on strike together. it signifies we're in a new wave in this multi-decade struggle between u.s. labor and the world's largest private employer. it is a wave that started in many ways the summer in june when we saw eight workers go out on strike at a walmart supplier. it continued last month when workers in walmart's supply chain, who get squeezed by the budget even though on paper the work for a contractor, went on strike in california and then in illinois and then escalated last week and again yesterday with a combined 150 walmart store workers taking this action. >> i would like to bring mike compton into the conversation. you are a walmart em
madonna. robert gleason and josh shapiro, chairman of the montgomery board of commissioners. "washington journal" is next. ♪ host: good morning. you may want to call this endorsement sunday with a number of newspapers issuing their support for president obama and gov. romney. the toledo blade, it endorses the president. in iowa, pledging their support for mitt romney. the white house announcing the president has canceled a planned event in virginia tomorrow. the returning to monitor hurricane at sandy. the president will join president clinton and a monday afternoon campaign appearance. mitt romney has scrubbed his appearances today, instead spending the next two days in ohio. just over one week ago in the campaign. we will be talking about early voting on "the washington journal." we want to begin with the what this question. what if it is not decided on election day? what if there is a recount or multiple recounts? let's begin with some news of the morning. the front page of "the new york times. marty it is now counted by county. -- it is now county by county. there is a
. 13 days to go, george. >> big ben up there. thanks, david. >>> get the other top stories from josh. >> we're going to begin with a staggering figure. $500 million. that's how much value stocks have lost on wall street in just the last three days. yesterday alone, the average 401(k) lost more than $1,300. so what, exactly, is going on? weekend "gma" anchor, bianna golodryga, here with answers. good morning, bianna. >> reporter: what an ugly day tuesday was. it was the third worst day of the year for the dow. it lost 243 points. one reason, lower-than-expected profits at some big companies, including 3m and dupont, u.p.s. and caterpillar. raising concerns that the economic recovery is not as solid as we once thought. companies are increasingly worried about china's economy slowing down, as well as the presidential election here at home and the looming fiscal cliff. but there is good news in all of this. facebook's stock is soaring again this morning, after the company reported a big jump in mobile advertising sales. josh, the bottom line is, there is a lot of uncertainty out there ri
of the unite the states senate. this week we go to ohio where an iraq war veteran and josh mendel is taking on the democrat, brown. brown has the edge but both sides are spending big in the runup to november sixth, make particular one of the most expensive senate races of the cycle. bill, you've written a column about this race. who has the edge? you read the papers, you think sherrodd brown has the edge. he's smart, working class, a about good politician, but what i hear in ohio, not from the mandel campaign, i think mandel might squeak it out. you would never get that that impression from reading the story. >> what is he running on? >> he's running on the economy. a lot of people are comparing him to romney. and certainly if romney gets a good turnout, that will help him. but some say it might be better to look at the ohio legislature where the republicans have control and they may be picking up more speed and mandel is kind of running on that same philosophy there. >> i know sherrod brown a little bit. he is a sparring partner and calls me on the phone and takes us to task sometimes. he'
-high 189 yards. he is now stanford's second time all leading rusher. 7-3 in the 2nd quarter. josh nunes finds a wide open zach ertz. sailing for clearance. at the 7-yard line here. two plays later, josh nunes to another tight end. the touchdown. cardinals 14-3. stanford committed two turnovers. zach maynard to alan. cardinal recovery. officials said that allen was already down. you can see its. the ball was loose before his knees touch the ground. they take over of the 20-yard line. josh nunes over to zach ertz. that hurts if you are a cal fan. cal has a fourth and one. getting nailed here by ben gardner. just 3 yards rushing. cal gets the ball back thanks to an interception. zach maynard is picked for the second time. 11-3, the final. >>> stanford is 58-46 and 11 in the big game series. cardinal outgained cal. cal calls -- falls. they finally win a road game. >> we wanted to wash the bad taste out of our mouth coming into this game. a whole week of preparation. >> i thought it was a good game by the offense as a whole. >> it was special. the week leading up and the anticipation tha
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lebron, 26 points, 10 rebounds. wade had 29. and the heat on opening night win 120-107. >>> josh reddick was the man. he's the first a's outfielder to win this award since dwayne murphy in 1985. josh reddick, yes, wins the gold glove award. >>> dallas braden, he once pitched a perfect game on mother's day with his grandmother who raised him in attendance. everybody bought into it. a great, great story of this perfect game. but he had nothing but problems with his arm, and the a's had the him go today. #450e8 -- let him go today. >>> when you're a world champ, you get a taco bell appearance. >> we love you, angels! [ cheering and applause ] >> angel pagan, the giants center fielder at taco bell in red wood city. he made a few tacos, served a few customers. part of a campaign called steal a basement angel pagan at taco bell, ladies and gentlemen! why is that so funny? are you laughing at taco bell? >> [ laughter ] >> you know, when you win -- all of a sudden, angel pagan without exaggerating, let's say back in april, if he went to taco bell they wouldn't even have looked up. >> oh, they wo
: and also joining us is josh smith. he's with "the national journal." mr. smith recently wrote a long piece comparing and contrasting the technology agendas or potential technology agendas of the two candidates. mr. smith, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. john, you mentioned that within the tech community and the broader community there's many verticals, they're all competing with each other. what are these companies looking for or looking at, i guess, in the agendas of both candidates right now as far as clues for what might come ahead? you know, obviously, telecom issues are not something that up pops up on the campaign trail. where are companies, you know, looking for clues as far as what the agendas will be? >> guest: well, i think ideally what they should be looking for is a common understanding of the rules of the road and the ability to enter the marketplace and compete with one another. i think part of the problem, and it's a real problem, when the regulator tries to manage competition, then there are incentives for market participants to become rent seekers and tr
and then they got knocked off in the wild card. josh hamilton 0-4 he struck out a couple of times. and somebody is going to have to pay for that texas collapse. five-one = orioles they're going to play the new york yankees. people been asking can michael phelps bowl but what about golf? >> this is in scotland. it went in. michael phelps. >> good night vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
propertily. josh tyrangiel is editor of bloomberg businessweek, john heilemann is national affairs editor for "new york" magazine. norah o'donnell is my cohost on cbs this morning, correspondent for cbs news, mike murphy a columnness for "time" magazine. from washington, albert hunt, executive editor of bloomberg news. from denver john dickerson, cbs news' political director and political correspondent at slate.com. and joining us also from denver katty kay of the bbc. i'm pleased to have all of them for this event we've all been waiting for. i go to al hubble. a simple question, who won, who lost, why. >> i don't know if that's simple but if i had to pick i would say governor romney won. he set the awe general de more than the president did. he affectively and aggressive attacked the president's record and did a pretty good job defending his own. ice going to have problems the next couple days on taxes however because he is proposing a $6 trillion tax cut and he hasn't said how he'll pay for it. but he still i thought did very well on most counts tonight. barack obama surprised me. i wou
romney would make a mistake if he brought it up. >>> let's get to josh elliott and the rest of the morning headlines. >> we're going to get to the desperate scene in northwest minnesota. half of a town forced to flee as wildfires threatened homes there. at least eight fires burning at one point. fueled by heavy winds and drought conditions there. flames spread across 3 miles in 20 minutes. workers had to scramble to empty a nursing home and a school. but crews say the largest fire is mostly now under control. >>> we're learning more about the killing of a u.s. border patrol agent along the mexico/arizona border on tuesday. nicholas ivie, a husband and father of two children. abc's cecilia vega is along the border right now. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: josh, good morning. this is one of the famous drug trafficking corridors. one of the most famous on the entire border. for that reason, investigators suspect what happened to agent ivie could be connected to narco trafficking. this morning, these hills in arizona, just three miles from the u.s./mexico border remain a cr
so much, bianna. >>> josh has the other top stories that are developing right now. josh, over to you. >> okay, amy. we're going to begin with the growing mystery of what happened to 10-year-old jessica ridgeway of colorado, who vanished on her way to school. what began as a search for this little girl is now a desperate hunt for her killer. abc's clayton sandell tells us how the fbi is hoping to break this case open. >> reporter: this morning, hundreds of officers are searching fields, ravines, and neighborhoods near where a body was discovered late wednesday. sources tell abc news the remains belong to 10-year-old jessica ridgeway, who vanished a week ago, walking to school in nearby westminster. but a frustrating lack of suspects is now prompting investigators to release a profile of who they believe committed this gruesome crime. >> that could be your boss, your friend, and ultimately could be your family member. >> reporter: the new profile by the fbi's behavioral analysis unit says the likely suspect is probably male. and might have recently left work or suddenly left town. he m
thrust josh donaldson into josh's starting lineup. >> i got this in first grade. it was called the dream of a major league baseball player, one of those customized book things. now i can actually say i have been a major league baseball player. the goal now is just to say. >> and that baby is good! >> reporter: when donaldson struggled with a .153 batting average, the a's traded for brandon, and the dream of a major league baseball player was on hold. and then he went down with a shoulder injury and donaldson came back from the minor leagues. since his return, he's batting .290. >> he's been huge for us. >> reporter: alongside is josh donaldson. josh, when we spoke in spring training about that, the dream of a major league baseball player, could you ever have envisioned what transpired for your season? >> you know, it's definitely been a roller coaster for sure. and, you know, obviously as a little boy i've had this dream. right now it's starting to come true. >> when you take the field tonight, you guys are in a position, if you win this baseball game, you go to the play-offs. not many p
to josh and the other top stories. >> good morning, all of you. we're going to begin with new information on the growing meningitis outbreak. this morning, the cdc now confirms eight deaths out of 105 cases, those cases spread across the nine states that you see highlighted here all linked to contaminated steroid shots. as many as 13,000 people may be at-risk. the shots came from a massachusetts pharmacy that mixes medications. now a growing push to subject those pharmacies to fda scrutiny. >>> and new concerns this morning as the economy could take a turn for the worse. the international monetary fund has issued a new warning saying even the economic powerhouses of china, india and brazil, are slowing down because of uncertainty about fiscal policies here in the u.s. and in europe. one expert says, and i quote, risks for a serious global slowdown are alarmingly high, end quote. >>> there's been a break in a murder case that shocked people in southern texas. david hartley, gun downed by mexican criminals. while jet skiing with his wife on a lake that straddles the border. mexican authorit
. >>> and right now, josh elliott is here for the other stories. >> a big step for the young pakistani teenager shot in the head by the taliban because she fought for the right to go to school. just this morning her doctors in london told us that malala yousafzai is able to stand for the first time since the attack. and they say she is responding well to treatment. even beginning to communicate and write again. as we heard. there had been concern about brain damage. but right now, doctors say her brain is functioning and she is recovering her memory. great news, indeed. >>> and the other big story right now. a massive car bomb exploding in beirut today. at least eight people killed, dozens wounded. there's been no claim of responsibility. violence has been on the rise in lebanon since civil war broke out in neighboring syria. >>> in other new, some relief for drivers out there. we're seeing our first significant drop in gas prices this morning. the average price nationwide has fallen for ten straight days and sits at $3.71 per gallon. that may just be the beginning. some say gas could drop anot
. jake tapper, thank you very much. >>> let's turn to josh elliott with more on the breaking news. >> good morning, all of you. we're going to begin with flights being canceled or delays across the country this morning because of more trouble at american airlines. the company has grounded dozens of 757s for the second time because of those seats that are still coming loose in mid-flight. abc's national correspondent, jim avila, has been on this story from the beginning. jim, if nothing else, they think they've solved the problem this time. >> reporter: good morning, josh. two important things for american passengers to note this morning. first of all, american says, they have, indeed, found the cause. and are now retrofitting all of those 757s with an additional lock, a bolt, that will bolt the seats to the floor and make sure they don't slip around anymore. three of them did in three, separate flights during the week in the last few days. one of them, even flipping the seats back into the row behind them. the second important thing to note, as you say, this will mean lots of dela
. >>> and josh and sam, boy, you had a special visit yesterday. robin tweeted out the first picture since her transplant of your visit. >> sam and i went, hoping to raise her spirits. the morning after, our spirits remain raised. it was a beautiful afternoon. >> can't wait to hear more about it. >>> let's get more about the first big debate. "your voice, your vote." our powerhouse political team is covering all of the angles. jake, even president obama's team is conceding that mitt romney gained ground last night. >> that's right, george. obama campaign officials conceding that romney seemed more polished. they say they expect he will get a bump in the polls. some obama allies telling me that the president last night seemed tired and bored. >> president obama and governor romney. [ applause ] >> reporter: it was a sweet start for the president, for what would end up something of a bitter pill. >> i just want to wish, sweetie, you, happy anniversary. and let you know, a year from now, we won't be celebrating it in front of 40 million people. >> i'm sure this was the most romantic place you cou
. looking for the go-ahead run in the ticket. watch josh donaldson rob smoak to get the final out of the inning. check it out, a great play. that would be a game-safer because in the eighth, cespedes drills it down the line. 3-2, a's. two batters later, josh reddick. see ya. his third home run in the last four games. a two-run shot. a's won 5-26789 they are a game and a half behind the rangers for a division lead. 2 1/2 ahead of the angels for the final wildcard spot. >>> padres hosting the giants and who said divided loyalties can get alone. giants trail. 100th home run for the giants this season ties it at five. two batters later, home run number 101 from hunter pence. two-run shot. giants take the 7-5 victory. on to l.a. to end the regular season with three against the dodgers. >>> and you will not believe the ending of golf's ryder cup today. we will have it for you coming up at six. >> can't wait to see it. thank you, schu. >> coming up, an image of the bay area will sky 7hd brings us more breaking news, this time from san jose. that's where a car burt into flames after plowi
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